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All of MFG project locations are situated in the northern region of Guatemala (Petén Department), this area is the heart of the Mesoamerican Tropical Forests (from Mexico to Panama).  Petén is also the cradle of the Mayan culture rendering it a world famous touristic attraction, including the UNESCO site of Tikal.  The area has a modern airport and cellular service is available in almost every region in the department.  Road infrastructure is at an acceptable level, mostly being maintained by the government.


General Sites Conditions:

The site selection for the establishment of plantations was primarily based upon the species' environmental requirements, in order to ensure maximum growth rates and site conditions suitable for highly efficient silvicultural operations, and natural distribution of the selected species.


The general characteristics of the plantation sites are as follows:

  • Life Zone and habitat: According to Holdridge classification, the life zone in the area is a Very Humid Warm Subtropical Forest. The natural vegetation of the area is represented by tropical forest with high biodiversity.

  • Weather: The weather is classified as Tropical wet, with a rather short dry season, high rainfall regimes, and warm to hot temperatures.

  • Precipitation: Annual rainfall is been documented to be between 1,400 to 1,900 millimeters per square meter. The rain season begins in June-July, and continues until January.

  • Temperature and Relative humidity: Mean annual of 28 Celsius, with a max of 36 C during the peak of the dry season (March-April), and min of 18 C (January-February). The relative humidity varies from 80% to 90%.

  • Topography and elevation: Flat to flat-semi-undulated, with no limitations for mechanized operations. The area is located between the natural basins of two rivers. The site is located 200 to 450 meters above sea level.

  • Soils: The soils of the area are alluvial, developed over Karstic materials; soil texture is clayish with brown to red-brown coloration. Additional soil characteristic are:

  • Type: Alluvial clayish soils, developed over Karstic plateau of Yucatan.

  • Fertility: Fairly acceptable with rather low Phosphorus levels.

  • Drainage: Acceptable drainage capabilities, but the occurrence of meadows is not rare.

  • Depth: Soils are not very deep, with a range between 30 to 75 cm.


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